Thursday, April 01, 2010

deeper thoughts

silence is good and bad... sometimes it makes me worry... currently im not liking it for i am sitting by candle lite in our warm house all alone... (well the boys are sleeping in their room and the dogs are both sound asleep too... but chris is spending some male bonding time with friends). you know like we might possibly im not quite sure have a mouse in our house... so im not super fond of silence cause im scared of hearing little the mouse. silence.

silence makes me think. reflect. enjoy simplicity.

tonight instead of watching tv or doing something productive like clean the house, i have sat and read blogs. i want to share a few dear ones with you...

katie in uganda: amazima

Renee Bach: Be The Hands And Feet

reflective... what these ladies are doing is my heartbeat. my passion. my desire.

right now im soaking in caring for my own sweet babies... but i cant help but sit on their floor as i tuck them in at night... realizing that the room they share (despite the fact that we live in a 4 bedroom house) is bigger than most huts in africa. not to mention that they both have clothes coming out of drawers, 2 closets, and 6 hug tubs. enough to clothe an orphanage (praise be to God that He has provided so many wonderful hand-me-downs). i cant help but contemplate the fact that my 10 month old weighs 20+ lbs

so tonight i go climb into my nice warm cozy comfy... well truth be told it hurts my back and i dont quite think its a great bed... but how can i complain knowing that so many millions of people are going to bed not on a bed without food in their belly and without a roof over their head.

Lord thank you for providing over and abundantly in my life. even when im not thankful!

lala salama!