Friday, February 12, 2010

9 months: walking, talking, & using the potty

i just love this boy... can't believe i have known him 9 months already! he is growing up way too fast for his mama. Levi is getting quite big and no i don't just mean those sweet squishy rolls on his tummy that are scrumptious. he is still my one tooth wonder, with 3 more ever closer than before from making their debut! he is walking, talking and using the potty... ok well sort of... he has taken a few steps from the couch to the coffee table and to me, but he is not full blown walking. he pushes a little stool around the house so he can get to where he wants to go. he has used the potty, but is he potty trained, no! he does say some words: dada, mama, brobro, bye-bye, hey, hi, bababu (my dad is babu, grandfather in swahili). im so proud of this little guy! he has such a sweet spirit about him!


V said...

omgosh he is so stinkin cute! For some reason none of your posts have been showing up in my blogger!! I have to get caught up!