Wednesday, November 11, 2009

1/2 of a year

my precious little Levi is now 1/2 of a year old. ahh where has the time gone? 6 months old! i miss him already! he is getting so big and more and more independent everyday!

*a little disclaimer*
the following is not to compare or brag or anything of the such!!! please note that i HATE when moms sit around and compare who's kid did what first. who is the brightest, fastest, cutest. who crawls, walks, cuts teeth, & talks. i only share because we have family who does not get to see our kids, so this is a bit of an update on what Levi is up to these days!

MR LEVI WOLF STEYNE enjoys inch-worm crawling, sitting up, rolling over, watching his big bro bro's every move, jumping in his johnny jumper, laughing, being a chatter box, and his new favorite is calling for his DA DA DA

sweet son of ours, we love you dearly and cannot imagine life without your joy!