Monday, June 01, 2009

Funny Not Me Monday!

a little rendition of Not Me Monday with my two little men, with a twist (i apologize in advance if the offends some readers)! my little guys have an amazing talent, to urinate out of their diapers and all over everything! so let the fun begin...

Levi most certainly did NOT urinate all over the place, including his face, when our pediatrician (friend of the family) took his diaper off during his last appointment, gross, even if this did happen i would NOT be sharing it with yall!

Levi is NOT talented enough to manage to keep his diaper dry, while urinating on my feet, while i held him in the sling, of course this did NOT happen in real life!

Levi surely does NOT urinate all over Meme (my mom) EVERY time she changes his diaper, no NOT baby Levi!

Levi is too sweet to have urinated during his first real bath all over my two prescription pills that i had to take and of course i did NOT take those pills, no NOT us!

Eli most definitely is NOT taking his diaper off (even with shorts on) right after he wets and announcing that he has "poop-pooped" (thank goodness he has not taken his diaper off with "poop-poop" in it)... so we WILL be hitting the potty chair hard core when we get back home now that life is back to normal (well what is normal?)

I did NOT wake up to find that both of my super soaker babies wet through their pj's, no NOT at this house!

Levi does NOT wake up soaking wet in a puddle of sweat, because that would be nasty and does NOT happen to my sweet little newborn!

I do NOT wake up soaking wet myself... oh but its not from urine, but from milk... hey i can't help that i have enough to feed an orphanage... and believe me i wish i could!

Baby Levi has NOT gained 3 lbs in the last 3 weeks, because he is NOT 3 weeks old today (right now as I write this actually) because that would make him big, and I am NOT ready for him to be growing up. It is NOT sad to me that he has grown out of so many clothes already, now that would be silly of me!


Jessica K. said...

Ok I just came over through April Rose and I am LAUGHING bc of the pills!! OMG that is hilarious!!

You have a beautiful family! Oh and when I was born I was 4kg!! My mom still has a bunch of stretchmarks to prove that I was a gigantic baby!!

Have a great sunday!!