Monday, May 04, 2009

sorta Not me Monday

sorta a not me monday... just a few days late (even though i started this on sunday... somehow just now getting around to finishing it)

I most certainly did not have one of the most UNrestful days of rest yesterday, while attempting to follow the doctor's orders of being on bed rest! It might have a bit to do with Eli cutting all 4 of his eye teeth, being cooped up at home, and for being Mama's big helper when it comes to pushing the start button on the blender, while there was milk, ice, banana, and carnation instant breakfast, everything except the peanut butter that i had turned around to get a spoon, but evidently not fast enough... because this is what i saw when i turned back around!

The other day while bed-resting on the couch I did not oversea/hear Eli hand Bono his piece of bread and proceed to tell him "NO NO BAD BAD" and put him in his crate for timeout... then about 20 minutes later watch Eli go get Bono's dog bowl and put himself in the crate, yet again telling Bono "NO NO"!

Random things do not happen at our house... like eli sitting in our strainer...