Monday, July 07, 2008

Little Surfer

Eli and Dada decided it would be fun to play in the waves... Eli really enjoyed it much more than I thought he would.

So Dada thought he would take him into bigger waves to see how he would react... he really enjoyed it (even though you dont see the smile, the sun was really bright so it was hard to get a good facial expression)!

This was an accident as Dada did not think the wave was that big, however, Eli still had lots of fun!

You can tell by his face that he would rather be playing in the water than having me hold him, but I thought the last wave was a bit big for my little guy!

I did let him get back in the water...but I let him play in the shallow waves for a while first.


The Traynums said...

Y'all took some awesome beach pictures! I love them...Looks like y'all had a good time! :)

Julie said...

How fun that he loves the water so much! He and Judah are two little beach bums!