Wednesday, March 14, 2007

1st Ultra Sound

Some may say I just look like a blob... but Daddy and Mommy got to see and hear my heartbeat! I'm Alive and kicking... well not really kicking as my legs are just beginning to grow! Right now I am about the size of a blueberry and in the top picture you can see my head is on the left and my body is on the right (the thing above me is my yolk sac as shown in the picture below). They say that my due date is on October 31st, but Mommy is not excited about me being born on Halloween, so lets see if I listen to her and come a different day! I am already not being too nice as I make Mommy feel very NAUSEOUS ALL DAY LONG and sometimes I make her throw up... Meme told me to give Mommy a taste of her own medicine since she made Meme sick the whole 9 months! Evidently Daddy made his Mom sick the whole time too! Well I am getting hungry... so Mommy needs to go cook dinner so I can grow big and strong!