Monday, July 31, 2006

Christopher The Pirate

So we have had a little adventure over the last couple weeks. Chris was ripping out a tile floor when a piece of tile flung up and hit his eye. He rested from Thursday through the weekend, but come Monday afternoon it became very sore and when he woke up on Tuesday he could not see out of his right eye. We spent the day in two different Doctors offices, with the little boys I was babysitting. We then drive from Providence Memorial to Baptist Hospital for surgery. The Doctor reported that he cut the sclera and the cornea and the cut went 2mm deep. It is a miracle that it did not cut the retina. The doctor was also worried that the infection in his eye was a bad infection that would mean another surgery to remove his eye and clean the infection out behind Chris' eye. As of this morning, Dr. Clark is very impressed with his progress and says its a miracle that everything is healing as fast as it has. It is healing about twice as fast as expected and praise God that there is no more infection in his eye. Thank all of you for your prayer during this time.


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