Wednesday, June 14, 2006

cant imagine...


I was at a missions conference a couple of weeks ago learning about Community Health and one of my roommates was a lady who is currently ministering in Pakistan. She allowed me to put on this chador, to see what it is like from underneath the veil. First of all it is VERY HOT! The day I tried on the veil it was 107 degrees, which would not be uncommon for the veiled part of the World. I can't imagine what life would be like being all covered up. I will not get into my personal opionion about being veiled under Islam, but I will share that I have a passion to befriend and reach these women. Since 1/5 of the world proclaim Islam, I know that no matter where in the world I live, there are bound to be women who God can and will place along my path. I am willing to serve Him wherever He leads, but if I have any say, I would like to minister to Muslim women in the 10/40 window (the Middle East or Northern Africa in particular). We will see where God leads... maybe I will have to abide by these rules one day in order to reach Muslim women... Posted by Picasa