Wednesday, April 19, 2006


So they say the first year of marriage is the hardest... Well I agree! Relationships are not always nice-and-easy and marriage is not all about wine and roses like many assume. I like to think of marriage like mountain biking or rock climbing. It consists of teamwork, perseverance , trust, sweat, blood, difficulties, twists and turns along the way, however the sense of accomplishment, the joy through the difficulties, and the results make all the hard work so rewarding. So how this relates to marriage, it too has its ups and downs (as does any other relationship since we live in a fallen world), but there are lasting results in how we choose to handle the difficult situations that arise. Many give up, throw in the towel, and many end up divorced, but there is no sense of accomplishment in that. Why go through all the work without reaching the top of the mountain? So we choose to press on, continue to make it our daily goal to learn how to love one another in practical ways, and try to make an effort, in our way too busy, lives to spend time together. Like mountain biking, marriage is fun, exciting, and an adventure!


Gianna said...

Keely (and Chris)!! I just saw your blog website on IM and immediately came to check it out! I loved catching up on at least some of what's been going on with you since October. :) I really hope we can still get together and hang out sometimes when I move back to Columbia, Keely! I got your sweet, sweet thank you card a couple of weeks ago and almost cried a little because it made me realize how different everything is now! But in good ways! I'm so excited that you two are enjoying married life, and you're in my prayers (I'm not just saying that!). Hope to see more of you soon!