Tuesday, March 28, 2006


God really has a sense of humor... NEVER say NEVER to God because it WILL come true! When my family traveled from South Africa to Kenya I said I hated Zambia, obviously hate is a very strong word. It was very dirty, poor, a little scary, and honestly I missed clean or at least reasonably clean bathrooms. Now that I have learned to love squattie potties Zambia does not scare me so much. As I finish up my Inter-Cultural Studies degree at Columbia International University, I am required to go on a 6 week internship. Originally I was planning on going to Chad, but God closed that door. God has opened a window of opprotunity for me to go to Zambia. I will be doing community development, chronological Bible storying, HIV awareness, and much more during my summer amongst the Zambian farms. Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to work out all of the details. Posted by Picasa